Legal Services Unit

The Legal Unit of the Federal Ministry of Health is an extension of the Chamber of the Attorney General of the Federation; hence it serves as its liaison office.

The mandate of the Unit is to provide high quality legal services to the Federal Ministry of Health and all its Parasatals and Agencies as it is expected from the office of the Attorney General of the Federation to do in the any given situation. It is the legal officer of the Federal Ministry of Health.

To offer quality legal services to the Federal Ministry of Health

To ensure that the Federal Ministry of Health is legally protected in its quest to deliver quality health Services to all Nigerians.

The Unit consists of a Legal Adviser who is a Director and assisted by eight Assistant Legal Advisers who are from the rank of Assistant Directors (2), Chief State Counsel (2), Assistant Chief State Counsel, Principal State Counsel and State Counsels (2). There are two supporting staff, Senior Confidential Secretary and assistant Clerical Officer, two IT Students.


  1. Proffering legal advice, opinions to the Ministry, its Agencies and Parastatals
  2. Legal representation of the Ministry and its parasastatals and Agencies in courts all over the Federation
  3. Preparation and vetting of Contract Agreements
  4. Preparation and vetting of bilateral and Multilateral MOUs
  5. Drafting legislations for the Ministry and its parastatals
  6. Interpretations of laws and legislations
  7. Representations of the Ministry at public Hearings at the National Assembly
  8. Liaising with the Federal Ministry of Justice
  9. Members of Committees of the Ministry.

The unit was able to reduce the number of cases of over 100 in 2012 to about 80 presently; its target inter-alia is to drastically reduce litigation with its attendant cost implication and time wastages.

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