The Procurement Department is one of the Common Services Department of the Ministry.  The Department was established as part of the implementation of the Public Procurement Act, 2007.  It provides services to all other Departments, Units, Parastatals and Agencies of the Ministry in line with the Provisions of the Public Procurement Act, 2007 and extant guidelines on public health procurement.

The Department is to ensure that:
i.    Projects conceptualization and packaging match the defined priorities and targets set in the Ministry’s annual budget and Procurement Plans;
ii.    All Contracting Processes are conducted in a transparent, open, competitive and efficient way and in strict compliance with the Public Procurement Act, 2007 and extant guidelines on the award of contracts in the Public Service to achieve value for money, and to conform with the spirit of Due Process Mechanism;
iii.    Contracts inflation are checked by ensuring cost reasonableness; accuracy and comparability in the competitive markets.
Iv.    Due Process Mechanism is used to establish and sustain an open, transparent and competitive Procurement System that is integrity-driven, upholds spending within the budget and ensures speedy implementation of projects with a view to achieve value for money without sacrificing quality and standards.

The functions of the Department includes:
i)    Coordination and preparation of the Annual Procurement Plans for the Ministry and its Parastatals;
ii)    Preparation and submission of advertisement documents for publication in the media, soliciting quotations, prequalification, bidding and request for proposals;
iii)    Issuing tender documents for soliciting quotations, prequalification, bidding and request for proposals;
iv)    Processing of award of contracts to the Permanent Secretary, Procurement Planning Committee and Ministerial Tenders Board;
v)    Process all contracts above the approving limits of Parastatals under the supervisions of the Ministry;
vi)    Liaise with the Bureau of Public Procurement on all Procurement Matters;
vii)    Participate in the preparation of Annual Budget and Rolling Plans;
viii)    Monitoring and evaluation of Projects and other Procurement activities;
ix)    Preparation of reports and returns on all Procurement Activities;
x)    Handling disposal of unserviceable and obsolete items;
xi)    Secretariat of the Ministerial Tenders Board, Procurement Planning Committee, Evaluation Committee, Disposal of Assets Committee and other Committees on procurement matters;
xii)    Carrying out Market and Statistical Surveys, analysis of cost of items for procurement;
xiii)    Evaluation and Monitoring of all Projects for the Ministry to ensure compliance;