Ladi Bako Aiyegbusi mni


  1. Formulate Policies, Guidelines, Strategies, Protocols, Training and Data management tools and systems on Optimal Nutrition programmes in Nigeria.
  2. Advocate for required resources for Health Sector Nutrition programmes at all levels in Nigeria
  3. Coordinate the development of Human Resource Competency for provision of Optimal Nutrition Services and Information in Nigeria
  4. Coordinate the provision of Optimal Nutrition programmes at all settings in Nigeria
  5. Institutionalize appropriate Mechanisms for Research, Knowledge Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning of Nutrition programmes at all levels
  6. Institutionalize Nutrition Commodities Logistic Management Information System at all levels in Nigeria.
  7. Coordinate Stakeholders Engagement in Health Sector Nutrition programmes.
  8. Coordinate Media Engagement to promote behavioral change on Healthy Feeding Practices.
  9. Coordinate Nutritional Support aimed at Empowering the populace for Nutrition Security.


The Department is responsible for formulation and development of policy, planning/programming, advocacy, capacity building, supportive supervision, research, monitoring and evaluation of health sector nutrition programmes and projects as outlined below:

  1.  Coordinate the development/review of Policies, Guidelines, Strategies, Protocols, Training manuals and Data management tools and systems on Nutrition programmes in Nigeria.
  2. Coordinate adherence to recommended agenda settings on Nutrition services and practices by stakeholders along the continuum of care
  3. Advocate for resource (human, material and financial) mobilization for health sector Nutrition programmes, managerial and structural processes at all levels
  4. Facilitate capacity building for human resource development in providing nutrition services
  5. Promote the provision of optimal Nutrition services in all settings including emergency situations and management of acute malnutrition at all levels at all levels
  6. Coordinate implementation of recommended action on School aged, Adolescents and Older people nutritional care practices
  7. Coordinate equitable access to micronutrients by the populace at all levels
  8. Coordinate research and knowledge sharing on nutrition programmes for health sector and food transformative pathway
  9. Coordinate the use of appropriate technology to track performance, knowledge management, and learning of nutrition programmes for evidence-based planning and decision making
  10. Coordinate the Institutionalization of Nutrition Commodities Logistic and Information Management Systems at all levels.
  11. Coordinate local and international bodies and Actors in health sector nutrition programmes.
  12. Coordinate SBC campaigns to promote healthy and safe feeding practices along life cycle to achieve nutrition security.
  13. Coordinate Local and International Conferences in Nutrition
  14. Institutionalise and Coordinate linkages between Nutrition specific and Nutrition sensitive interventions for sustainable nutrition security